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Proper Care for Your Contact Lenses - Contact Lenses in London Ontario by Mao Eye Care

Do you need vision correction, but don’t want to wear glasses? Are you looking to upgrade your look with coloured lenses?

At Mao Eye Care we provide you with professional eye exams, contact lens fitting sessions to make sure that your lenses are comfortable and fully address your vision problems. We’ll also help you learn proper care for your contact lenses to get the maximum use out of your contacts, and to feel confident using them every day.

Eye Exams in London Ontario - Dr Mao Optometrist at Mao Eye Care

No one wants to wear contact lenses that feel uncomfortable. A good contact lens fit starts with a comprehensive eye exam to ensure that your prescription is current and to rule out any conditions that could cause discomfort.

A Good Fit Is Vital

Your lifestyle needs, physical activity level, and the size, shape, and overall health of your eyes determine the fit of your lenses. We will examine your iris, cornea, and tear film (as well as other measurements) to ensure the best possible fit for your contacts.

During your follow-up meeting, you can tell us how they felt, and we can make the necessary alterations in fit or materials to give you the best lenses for your needs. You will also learn proper contact lens care and what problems to be alert for if you forget. After then, we are available to help you with appropriate care, and advise on any issues as they arise.

Get The Right Contacts For You!

Contacts are never one-size-fits-all; there are many types of lenses available to meet your needs. At Mao Eye Care, we offer a broad range of contact lenses including astigmatism or multifocal contacts to treat presbyopia.

When you need eye care professionals you can trust, think of Mao Eye Care. We pride ourselves on providing quality service and attentive care for our patients.

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